It’s been a little over a year since the final version of Project M was released, and suffice it to say it has been an eventful twelve months.  In September, PM was featured alongside Melee and Wii U at Paragon Los Angeles.  There we saw Mr. Lz, the young Game & Watch phenom from Florida, shock the entire playing field by earning first place in what is still the largest PM tournament to date.  This event also marked the beginning of PM's relationship with, having been ousted from the spotlight on Twitch.  Later, in December, we experienced the disbandment of the PMDT, and suddenly 3.6 was the final patch that the game would receive.  As we headed into 2016, some believed that Project M would die, doomed to become a niche side event.

Three-quarters of the way into 2016, a very different narrative is playing out.  Even before the disbandment of the PMDT, members of the community were already putting together the pieces that would eventually be realized in the form of the Project M Championship Circuit.  MessiNYC, host of The Salt Mines podcast, helped cultivate the newborn relationship with Hitbox, and even became Hitbox’s official ambassador to the Smash community.  FLG Hawkeye is the North America Community Manager for Hitbox and, together with prominent PM streamers such as Nebulous Gaming and AZPM, worked to build a home for Project M.  Other community members have stepped forth and created other online resources for the community, including Project Mirror, PMUnofficial, and PMUndergound as a homebase for PMTV content.  The PMCC itself was the brainchild of Smashing Grounds’ TO, Atlas, who researched, designed, and networked with the various tournaments that have been featured on the circuit’s inaugural year.  The recent announcement of Olympus, PMCC’s Grand Finale being sponsored by Hitbox, would not have been possible without the effort of these and other individuals.

Upcoming Events

Believe it or not, despite the numerous high level Project M tournaments and the countless encounters between top players that have already been featured in the PMCC, we still have four events left on the circuit.  ARLO3 is happening this weekend in Oklahoma, so be sure to tune in and support the stream over at  Next month we will see The Commonwealth occur in Virginia, followed by Salty Juans in New Mexico at the beginning of October.  Tipped Off 12 will close out the circuit from Tennesee leading up to Olympus over Halloween weekend.

There has been an update to the prize format of the Circuit Pot, seen below:

Prizes out of the Circuit Pot

1st place – 25%

2nd place – 15%

3rd place – 10%

4th place – 7%

5th place – 4% (2 people)

7th place – 2.5% (2 people)

The remaining 30% of the Circuit Pot will go to transportation costs for the top placings players, distribution pending.  Additionally, the top 16 players will be floated past pools and will have earned free venue and entry to Olympus. Just to clarify, this will be awarded to the top 16 players that actually attend the event.

Speaking of the Circuit pot, here are the Circuit’s current standings (post-Nexus)!  Credit to /u/SocketTubey for the sweet graphic!


With all of this in mind and Olympus on the near horizon, there is so much Project M action to look forward to.  The surprises don’t end with Olympus, and the Project M scene’s developing infrastructure means the circuit only has room to grow in future years.  PMTV has a lot more to announce, and we need your help to do it!  We need article writers, video editors, and other content contributors to aid us in the creation of hype Project M material!  Do you enjoy watching crazy combos?  Sometimes we just need someone to help collect clips! Do you want to write about the game we all love? We need articles about recent and upcoming tournaments!  If you have passion for PM and the PM community, we can use your talents.  I invite you to reach out to PMTV leaders like Messi, Atlas, and others to see how you can be involved!

Olympus also can't happen without you, the players! Take a look at our Matcherino page to sign up at Let your local Melee and Sm4sh scenes know about the event, too! Even if you can't make it out to the event, we have some cool compendium goals and backer rewards to find on the Matcherino site. Don't forget to stay tuned for our continuing reveals of compendium goals and other exciting news for Olympus.

-PMTV | Darth Shard

The Peak of Project M 2016



The stage is set.


The most stacked Project M tournament of all time is just around the corner, and you can still be a part of history. Olympus is coming up from October 28-30th, but signups close Saturday the 15th at midnight.


That’s this weekend! Register here. The facebook event is here.

While Olympus marks the end of the year long Project M circuit hosted by PMTV, it means a lot more than that to us as a community. We are the game that just won’t die, propelled forward by fans and competitors who would give everything for just one more stock.


Note for top players: Top 16 players must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their twitch account and tag to receive proper seeding and a waived venue fee. Top 8 finalists also must link their paypal for prizes!


Prizes for the singles bracket will be as follows:

1st - $325

2nd - $195

3rd - $130

4th - $91

5th - $52

7th - $32.50


Olympus will be a legendary event. We’ve got a ton of side brackets that you can register for at the tournament. To name a few:

  • Turbo all-star mode,
  • stamina mode type 3, and
  • blind-folded pairs 1v1.
  • There will be a YOLO item bracket where players must pay any item to enter and includes items on high, random character, and a 1 stock best-of-1 single elimination bracket.
  • I’m personally excited for the 3.02 invitee tournament.


Additionally, there will be a Halloween party hosted by the casino, a League of Legends Worlds viewing party, and open access to Gameacon. Gameacon is an Indie Game developer conference which is planned to have hundreds of independent video and tabletop games as well as cosplay events and a virtual reality arcade.


Looking at the singles bracket, players now have the opportunity to make their case for why they are number one. PM is in a unique position because it feels like each interaction between top players results in vast new meta-expanding information. Even better, we currently have no no clear shoe-ins at any given event. Olympus might be the chance for PM Titans to emerge.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is crucial.

At times it feels that the world does not want us to exist, which is precisely why we have to come together now. With your help, the end of the PMCC will mark the rebirth of a sustained Project M community.


The venue opens at 2pm on Friday. Tune in at Clash Tournaments’ hitbox from October 28-30th if you can’t make it!


The prizes from the circuit pot will be as follows:

$325 1st

$195 2nd

$130 3rd

$91 4th

$52 5th

$32.50 7th


-Jonah ‘JK’ Kornberg

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Hi everyone, today we have a real treat for you.
I had the pleasure of editing an article by Phoca, a member of the Brazilian scene, detailing the rise of this strong and, until now, untalked about scene in South America.
While I've worked with Phoca to translate this into English as faithfully as possible, I've also attached the original version, written in Portuguese, below, to do justice to the original text.




The Project M scene in São Paulo/Brazil came to life between 2011 and 2012. The patch at the time was 1.0 and the first tournament was in a small store on the east side of town. Brawl was still a thing here, but all Smash games were dying in the city, and I wasn’t even at the event. However, the potential for a scene was definitely there.

Finding A Home

Time passed, and in the middle of 2013 patch 2.5 launched, already with almost all characters from base Brawl. When I downloaded this update I was ready to enter the competitive scene again, specifically for this Project M “Smash.” But the competition scene was not just dead, but buried too. That was the moment when I joined forces with Anderson Ogura and André "Banze" Almeida - who are also on Team DASH with me - to revive the smash scene in the town. We started with some tournaments small tournaments for the rest of 2013, each attracting no more than 16 players, but some top players already started to rise, such as the top melee player Luís "Aisengobay" Bonazzio (at the time with Wolf/Fox), Diego "Shaoberg" Paiva (Marth/Falco main) and myself, Phoca (Charizard main).


2013 drew to a close, and 2014 was the year of consistency and growth for the Smash scene in São Paulo. Project M was so important there, attracting Brawl widows, as well as some Melee and even N64 players. With the growing popularity, some new top players appeared in our Project M scene as well: Joker came from N64 and "smashed” a lot with his Squirtle, Lukinhas dropped Brawl and put Lucas in the top 4 of Project M tournaments, and The Boss entered our scene, winning his first tournament with Link. Besides the new top players, two Melee veterans had joined Aisengobay (who switched to Pit in 3.0) in the Hall of Champions of 2014: Godzrage with his "nightmare" Bowser and Leso brought his Melee Captain Falcon to the top of Project M tournaments. In 2014, the tournaments averaged around 30 players.

2015 and Onwards

Then came 2015, and the popularity of the game grew beyond São Paulo. The top Melee player Izzi of Rio de Janeiro is now the top Project M at locals as well (and Top 4 in Brazil) with Zero Suit Samus, while Afro (Peach/Kirby) has been his biggest opponent. The supreme champion of Brawl and Wii U, Player 7, is the best in Project M in his region too, with good placings in the São Paulo tournaments with his Sheik. The top Brazilian (and even Worldwide) N64 player Banze started to compete in Project M as well, using his deadly Kirby. He’s recently had his hands full dealing with another Melee veteran Caio Nintendo (Fox) in Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais.


Alongside local growth, 2015 has been the year of PM in Chile. We discovered a great Project M scene in Chile, with Nyx being the man to beat in Chile with his Game and Watch, alongside other top players such as Alen (Wario), Danny (Mario/DK) and Roche (ZSS/MK). Roche and CronoNes came to Brazil’s largest tournament this past November, UFSmash, and placed 3rd and 13th respectively.  Project M had 53 entrants this time, and another two top players of North Brazil appeared: Maroli (Snake/Zelda) took 7th and Jab Air (Dedede) placed 13th.

While I’ve only been mentioning top players, many other in our community have practiced and grown this year. Honorable mentions go to; Blackjet (Lucario), Dr. Yang Ming (Olimar), Pirilampo (Ganondorf and 13th at UFSmash), Mr. PotatoBread (Wolf), Luke_Leal (Samus) and Rica (Ness), as well as many others. All of these players have grown leaps and bounds over the course of the year, and there is high expectations for them in 2016

Expectations for the Future

Next year, we hope to focus more on growing our Project M scene. The Wavedashers 3, our tournament Melee and Project M tournament hosted by Team DASH, hopes to have the top Chileans attend, alongside Brazil’s finest.


If you’re interested in checking out our scene, we’ve uploaded many of our tournaments from 2015 onto our channel on You Tube. We can be found for Team DASH SP or at the link


Thank you all.


Luis "Phoca" Toriello, one of the leaders TO of PM in Brazil.

The original text, in Portuguese, is below:

"Falando de Brasil, São Paulo, o mod Project M teve seu primeiro respiro em meados de 2011/2012, ainda em sua versão inicial com 13 personagens se não me engano, em uma pequena loja na zona leste de São Paulo. O Brawl ainda respirava sob aparelhos, mas o Smash em geral já ia morrendo na capital de São Paulo naquela época e eu mesmo nem compareci a este evento.

O tempo passou, e em meados de 2013 fora lançada a versão 2.5 do jogo, já com quase todos os personagens. Quando baixei o jogo naquele momento me animei a jogá-lo e queria competir, no projeto que já se mostrava bastante maduro. Entretanto, nesta época o Smash já estava sepultado, e foi quando me uni dos (atuais membros da Team DASH) Banze e dede para reviver os torneios em São Paulo.

Ao longo do segundo semestre de 2013, realizamos por volta de quatro torneios (incluindo Melee e N64) com poucos jogadores, mas já apresentando jogadores de destaque no mod. O topo variou entre Aisengobay (na época com Wolf e Fox), Shaoberg (Marth/Falco) e eu mesmo, Phoca (Charizard).

O ano virou, e em 2014 o cenário de Smash se recuperou em São Paulo. Ao longo do ano todo, Project M se manteve com a mesma popularidade do melee, e até mesmo ultrapassando os inscritos por algumas vezes. Nesta onda de popularidade, surgem novos jogadores que que passam a dividir o pódio: The Boss chegou a vencer um torneio surrando todos com seu Link. Lukinhas (Lucas) e Joker (Squirtle) passaram a figurar constantemente no top4 dos torneios, enquanto Godzrage (Bowser) e Leso (Capitão Falcon), dois jogadores de oriundos do melee, se juntavam a Aisengobay (agora usando Pit, na versão 3.0 do jogo) à lista de campeões do jogo. No final de 2014, os torneios de Project M já contavam com uma média de 30 jogadores.

O ano vira, e em 2015 a popularidade do jogo transcede São Paulo. Surgem dois Top Players no Rio de Janeiro: Afro (Peach/Kirby) e Izzi (Zero Suit Samus). Player 7, supremo campeão de Brawl e Wii U, passa a pegar gosto pelo jogo e representar o Paraná com sua Sheik. Caio Nintendo, player antigo do Melee, passa a dominar Belo Horizonte com seu Fox no novo cenário que surge, juntamente com Banze (Kirby).

Ainda em 2015, o Chile aparece com um cenário forte de Project M, com Nyx (Mr Game), Alen (Wario), Danny (Mario/DK) e Roche (ZSS/MK). Roche e CronoNes vieram disputar o maior torneio do Brasil em nov/15, que juntou 53 jogadores do Brasil inteiro, ficando em 3th e 13th respectivamente. No mesmo torneio, ainda, surgem dois Top Players do extremo norte do Brasil. Maroli (Snake/Zelda) e Jab Air (Dedede), que garantiram 7th e 13th no major.

Ao longo de todo 2015, o público de Project M dobrou em relação à 2014, trazendo mais jogadores que levam o mod à sério. Vale mencionar jogadores como Blackjet (Lucario), Dr. Yang (Olimar), Pirilampo (Ganondorf e 13th no UFSmash), Mr PotatoBread (Wolf) e Luke_Leal (Samus).

Em 2016, há uma expectativa de crescimento ainda maior após os grandes resultados de 2015. O torneio Wavedashers 3, focado totalmente em Melee e Project M, contará novamente com chilenos e possivelmente com jogadores de todo o sudeste do Brasil, além da expectativa de resultados dos emergentes de 2015."