Ascent to Olympus!

The Peak of Project M 2016



The stage is set.


The most stacked Project M tournament of all time is just around the corner, and you can still be a part of history. Olympus is coming up from October 28-30th, but signups close Saturday the 15th at midnight.


That’s this weekend! Register here. The facebook event is here.

While Olympus marks the end of the year long Project M circuit hosted by PMTV, it means a lot more than that to us as a community. We are the game that just won’t die, propelled forward by fans and competitors who would give everything for just one more stock.


Note for top players: Top 16 players must email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their twitch account and tag to receive proper seeding and a waived venue fee. Top 8 finalists also must link their paypal for prizes!


Prizes for the singles bracket will be as follows:

1st - $325

2nd - $195

3rd - $130

4th - $91

5th - $52

7th - $32.50


Olympus will be a legendary event. We’ve got a ton of side brackets that you can register for at the tournament. To name a few:

  • Turbo all-star mode,
  • stamina mode type 3, and
  • blind-folded pairs 1v1.
  • There will be a YOLO item bracket where players must pay any item to enter and includes items on high, random character, and a 1 stock best-of-1 single elimination bracket.
  • I’m personally excited for the 3.02 invitee tournament.


Additionally, there will be a Halloween party hosted by the casino, a League of Legends Worlds viewing party, and open access to Gameacon. Gameacon is an Indie Game developer conference which is planned to have hundreds of independent video and tabletop games as well as cosplay events and a virtual reality arcade.


Looking at the singles bracket, players now have the opportunity to make their case for why they are number one. PM is in a unique position because it feels like each interaction between top players results in vast new meta-expanding information. Even better, we currently have no no clear shoe-ins at any given event. Olympus might be the chance for PM Titans to emerge.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is crucial.

At times it feels that the world does not want us to exist, which is precisely why we have to come together now. With your help, the end of the PMCC will mark the rebirth of a sustained Project M community.


The venue opens at 2pm on Friday. Tune in at Clash Tournaments’ hitbox from October 28-30th if you can’t make it!


The prizes from the circuit pot will be as follows:

$325 1st

$195 2nd

$130 3rd

$91 4th

$52 5th

$32.50 7th


-Jonah ‘JK’ Kornberg