Matchup Wednesday! [036] - The Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, Luigi, Peach

Welcome to Matchup Wednesday!

In this thread, we discuss the matchups between three Project M characters, including the advantages and disadvantages of each character in the matchup. That means there are 3 matchups to discuss.

This week's pool: Mario, Luigi, Peach.

This week's pool was generated by theme. Next week's pool will be listed in the comments.

What are your thoughts on the matchups between two of these characters? What advantages and disadvantages does each have? What strategies are optimal? How can characters compensate for or get around their weaknesses in this matchup? How can they exploit their own advantages, or the other character's weaknesses? What stages are optimal for both characters? What is the matchup skew (eg. 60-40)? What are your thoughts on the videos listed? Any other thoughts on the matchup?

Feel free to link to more videos of these matchups or videos related to them, as well as other resources like Hopefully discussion of the handful of videos I dig up helps to stimulate discussion about the matchup and characters.


For anyone viewing the archived posts, feel free to comment on those with more input if you have any!


#1: Wario, Link, Dedede, Falco

#2: Squirtle, Ganondorf, Pit

#3: Ivysaur, Fox, Luigi

#4: Metaknight, Lucario, Diddy Kong

#5: Lucario, Mario, Kirby

#6: Bowser, Fox, Roy

#7: Ice Climbers, ROB, Game n Watch

#8: Peach, Zelda, Pikachu

#9: Zero Suit Samus, Game n Watch, Diddy Kong

#10: Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Link

#11: Olimar, Wolf, Ike

#12: Sonic, Captain Falcon, Falco

#13: Samus, Lucas, Marth

#14: Charizard, Yoshi, Toon Link

#15: Wario, Snake, Sheik

#16: Metaknight, Donkey Kong, Ness


#17: Zelda, Ice Climbers, Luigi

#18: Captain Falcon, Wolf, Diddy Kong

#19: Pikachu, Lucas, ROB

#20: Ganondorf, Ness, Ike

#21: Kirby, Dedede, Metaknight

#22: Samus, Ike, Ivysaur

#23: Pit, Charizard, Falco

#24: Ice Climbers, Sheik, Link

#25: Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard

#26: Lucario, Yoshi, Olimar

#27: Peach, Toon Link, Sonic

#28: Snake, Ike, Fox

#29: Dedede, Pit, Donkey Kong

#30: Mewtwo, Game n Watch, ROB

#31: Bowser, Ganondorf, Wario

#32: ZSS, Marth, Jigglypuff

#33: Ice Climbers, Olimar, Diddy Kong

#34: Link, Toon Link, Lucas

#35: Ganondorf, Dedede, Samus

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