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Hello everyone, if you’re reading this Mind over Meta today, you’ve probably noticed that it’s the 52nd installment of our article series. Since Mind over Meta has started in November 2014, we’ve been featured on Smashboards, found a home on PMUnderground, had multiple guest articles, and most importantly, enjoyed every single moment of it.


Now, you may also notice that November 2014 plus 52 weeks does not equal Feburary 2016. While Mind over Meta is a privilege to write, OrangeGluon, L_Pag, and I are all students with social and school lives to manage, and unfortunately this has caused us to miss an occasional week here or there. That’s why I figured I’d take this week to talk about Mind over Meta, our successes, failures, and most importantly, our plans going forward. I’ve talked in the past about how much Mind over Meta, Project M, and the community mean to me, so this time I’m going to treat this subject a little more objectively.


Starting with successes, I’m pretty happy with where Mind over Meta is, compared to where it started from. Finding an audience on two of my personal favorite smash websites, as well as the fantastic community on the /r/ssbpm subreddit, I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive effect the articles have had on player’s performance, while also taking into account the constructive criticism we’d have from time to time. The two other full time writers that have joined over the past year of articles - L_Pag and OrangeGluon - are not only great people, but fantastic writers who I’m fortunate to have representing Mind over Meta. From a purely writing PoV, Mind over Meta is doing just fine, and I don’t see an end in the foreseeable future.


Mind over Meta’s failures have mostly been timing and scheduling based, and that is almost 100% on me. I’m notoriously bad at planning, and because of this and all of our busy schedules, MoM’s quality has either suffered at times, or has been delayed completely. In addition, the once-flourishing skype group has suffered a decline in activity since moving to discord, a move I could have handled better for sure. On that note, L_Pag has something to say as well:


Hey everyone! I just wanted to throw a quick thank you in as well. I know I’ve said this a few times already, but thanks for everything. Without the community, we’re nothing, and seeing so many positive words every week never fails to brighten my mood and make we want to write even more. Also, Sunday wants to take the blame for the missed weeks, but I am personally at fault for a few as well. I give my sincerest apologies on that part. Thank you all for the support, and we have some big plans coming up! And for that, I’ll hand it back off to Sunday:


Looking back on Mind over Meta’s history, today we’ll be making a few announcements and changes to hopefully better our series here.


First and foremost, Mind over Meta now has an internal schedule. This structure should hopefully help us to avoid missing a deadline and pushing out incomplete or just plain bad content. This was implemented recently, and to be frank, I’m already happy with the improvements (also, if you haven’t already, I recommend you guys check out our past two articles by L_Pag and Orange, they’re phenomenal). This schedule will also allow us to plan around larger projects or reader requests.


Second, the aforementioned larger projects. While our weekly Sunday articles will always be the staple of MoM, having room to plan out editorials, collaborations, streams, or even full on video/other AV content means you can expect not only more content from us, but a higher quality of content overall.


Third, and finally, we’re going to start fixing up some of the older aspects of Mind over Meta. This includes starting to port over our archive on the subreddit to PMU and trying to get more discussion on our discord for the skype group members that followed us over. In fact, if you want to join us on the MoM discord, where we’ve been taking article requests and doing match analysis follow this link here.


As always, Mind over Meta thrives on reader feedback and, quite honestly, we’re only as useful as you, the reader, find us. If you have any requests, feedback, or just questions, Feel free to comment here, or on the reddit thread in the PM subreddit.


Thanks for sticking with us for one year’s worth of articles, and with your help, we’ll make the following years even better.


Happy Valentines Day,