The Must-Watch Weekend! - Three Huge Tournaments to Tune Into!

So, I know we’re all still recovering from the recent intense matches at Shots Fired II this past weekend, but it’d be a crime not to tell you guys about the events happening this weekend. 3 separate STACKED tournaments are happening across eastern North America this weekend, including the first stop on the recently announced PM Championship Circuit: Frozen Phoenix. Be sure to tune in this weekend, especially since you can tune into to all three with this handy multistream link. In the meantime, here’s a little rundown of some notable players to watch out for at the three tournaments taking place this weekend.



Frozen Pheonix:

KZOO | Dirtboy: A strong player from Michigan and without a doubt one of the best, if not the best, Squirtle players in PM as of now. Dirtboy has been continuing to climb the ranks, making Buttburst’s gfycats from Arizona look like child’s play. Dirtboy’s recent placements at Shots Fired 2, making top 32 in singles and placing 2nd in doubles with Boreal | Ally, have left this water-gunner steaming and ready to go for Frozen Phoenix.


Junebug: Coming off of a big win over Professor Pro at Shots Fired 2 last weekend, Junebug is looking to continue proving that he is the best player Project M has to offer. He is riding a strong winning streak after taking 1st at We Tech Those and Low Tier City 3, as well as placing second at Tipped Off 11. Still, Junebug will have his work cut out for him as an ever-vicious Canadian scene and a host of hungry traveling players hone in to take him down a peg.


Weon-X: An often overlooked Melee player, Weon-X is no slouch in PM, brutalizing his opponents with his signature Fox and his secondaries in Falco and Marth. Weon-X has what it takes to not only stop other top talent in Project M, but even has the potential to win the entire tournament. Can the Melee maven penetrate PM’s proud posse? Find out at Frozen Phoenix!


Kage: More known as THE legendary Ganondorf in Melee, having 5-0’d fellow Ganon master BizzarroFlame, and getting voted into Smash Summit, Kage’s mastery of Ganondorf shows well in Project M. Between PM’s buffs for Ganondorf and Kage’s natural Melee fundamentals-based talent, this dark horseman is a fan favorite to see farther down in the bracket.


Other names to watch for include:


Steakhouse - A Canadian up and coming Toon Link player, riding off a high ranking at Summit 2015.


Coffeeblack - A Melee Captain Falcon main (and PM Fox Main) who also performed well in Summit 2015.


Do or DI:


Goode: By far the best Zelda player in MD/VA, Goode has consistently placed well at nationals, ranking 17th at We Tech Those and 13th at Shots Fired 2. Recently, his Sonic has been turning heads at light-speed at tournaments as well, most notably at Shots Fired 2. With proficient characters and a strong record, this magical trickster is slated to take home an impressive result this weekend.


HBA | TacoCat: A Lucario player hailing from New Jersey who’s been on the rise as of late. Placing 13th at PME4, TacoCat looks like he’s going to be the next big HBA player, and Do or DI could provide him that meteoric breakout opportunity. New Jersey will be lending energy to his Aura Bomb as he defends New Jersey from the invaders!


Kevorkian: Another New Jersey player, Kevorkian was known as one of the best Doctor Mario mains in Melee. And in Project M he has stayed true to his character, tearing through several of New Jersey’s local brackets. We’ll see whether Kevorkian will be able to make a house call in his home state at Do or DI.


FS Narq: One of FS’s lesser known players, this “Hidden Boss” won’t be very hidden once he enters the venue. The loudest Lucas in New York, Narq definitely a player you’ll want to be watching this weekend to see some of that New York playstyle imported to Trump Taj Mahal.


RBD | Apollo Ali: One of New York’s best Dedede players, Apollo Ali has been making an even bigger name for himself beyond his (in)famous commentary. Recently making it onto the New York/New Jersey PR at number 18, Apollo is not any sort of player to sleep on. Will Apollo inhale his competition? Will he prove that New York really is a force to be reckoned with in the Northeast US? You’ll have to tune into Do or DI to find out -- you won’t BELIEVE what happens!


FS | Phresh: Phresh has been tearing through New York for several months now with his cold-hearted Ice Climbers, proving decisively that his skill isn’t just some gimmick. Although he hasn’t traveled too much in 2016, Phresh still been placing high at Nebulous weeklies, and has established himself as the best Ice Climbers in Project M. Anyone looking to do well at Do or DI will have to weather Phresh’s cold front first!


FS | Gallo: Another NYC Titan, Gallo has been regarded as the best Mario player Project M for years, and also packs an intimidating Pit. Continually showing his dominance in the PM scene, it doesn’t seem as though Gallo is going to slow down any time soon. He has been seen training via netplay on his own stream, and looks like a strong contender at Do or DI.


Jaden: Considered by many to be one of NYC’s strongest players, Jaden doesn’t travel out of state often, but he still places highly and often even wins the weekly Nebulous tournaments in NYC. His Sheik, Peach, Zelda, and possibly even his Puff are going to be worth watching out for this weekend. A master of light princesses, Jaden seems ready to float right up to the top this tournament.


FS | Frozen: Known more for his placement at national tournaments than at weeklies. Frozen is without a doubt the best Mewtwo in Project M. Placing 3rd at We Tech Those, Frozen isn’t likely going to let this bracket go easily. Teleporting into Do or DI from New York, Frozen is no underdog and is ready to leave the competition Confused and Disabled.


Switch: Switch has been moving up in the world, recently beating Emukiller in a close set at Downfall 2. After a poor performance at Shots Fired 2 due to illness, Switch has more to prove this tournament and isn’t likely going to let it go easily either. Do or DI could be Switch’s shot at proving himself in his own right; we’ll see how he fares this time around!


Emukiller: Originally known for his ruthless version-3.02 Mewtwo, Emukiller has recently picked up Metaknight and re-established himself as one of NJ’s strongest players. Although he hasn’t been placing as well recently, his performance at Downfall 2 has shown that he’s still not any player to sleep on. This legendary PM giant is ready to defend his home turf from invaders!




Drephen: Notable old school Melee pro Drephen is expected to show up big time for this event, bringing his classic Sheik into PM, and often spelling doom for his opponents. Will his experience give him the edge he needs to take on the PM players expected to show up? Only time will tell.


ThunderzReign: Hailed as one of the best DK players in the world, ThunderzReign acted as California’s last defense against Junebug at FinalBOSS earlier this year. This not-so-hidden boss has proven he can hang with the best, and he looks to show why with a win here.

RedX: A true hidden boss; while RedX may not yet be a household name, his onslaught of bombs, boomerangs, and arrows makes his Link a handful to deal with. While he may be a sleeper, he has a chance to take sets off anyone in bracket


Anther: Anther, of “smashladder” fame, is known for two things - his fantastic matchmaking and netplay site, and his quick yet devastating Pikachu. With a string of near-wins stretching from Shuffle V to this past Summit 2015, a win for Anther at Shuffle VIII would be nothing less than spectacular for both him and Pikachu fanatics everywhere.


Hyper Flame: The SD Master from MDVA, Hyper Flame has been a loyal Lucas player, even through the dark post-3.02 days. Ranked number 5 on the current MDVA PM PR, this Lucas legend’s explosive combos can have even the most unshakeable of players dropping stocks.


Bacon Pancakes: Also hailing from MDVA, the young Fox player Bacon Pancakes is not to be underestimated. Having placed well at the original Shots Fired with an impressive 5th (on his birthday none the less), can Bacon Pancakes replicate his past out of state performance and show why he’s earned a #4 ranking on his local PR?


E2xD: Known for his work in the netplay community, this Link main is no slouch, fighting his way out of the stacked pools of Shots Fired 2 this past weekend. Whether it’s through the internet or face to face, E2xD can and will take sets off of the best.


XYK: An interesting Luigi main, XYK is pioneering the character, placing high consistently in almost every event he goes to, including a 9th place run at We Tech Those where he knocked Junebug into losers. Characterized by his deceptive and just plain inhuman movement, XYK may be one of Ohio’s best chances to fend off the invaders.


SoulPech: A character loyalist to the end, SoulPech has used Puff in every single smash game, and is a veteran of the Columbus scene looking to defend his home turf at Shuffle. While many view Jigglypuff as one of the weakest characters in the game, if there’s one player who can prove the naysayers wrong, it’s SoulPech.


Be sure to also watch out for AtomSK, Kain, and King of Hoboz. Hailing from the homegrown scene of Kentucky, these players have grown in skill remarkably fast, with Hoboz even making top 32 at Smash and Splash.



Be sure to tune in to the link posted above for some top quality Project M action on what is sure to be two of the most important days of the year. While we only did a relatively short recap, be sure to give us your predictions and players to watch out for, and of course, share the streams and keep the game we all love alive and well.


Enjoy the weekend, and good luck to all competitors,

  • The Mind over Meta Team